My Easter Day!

Hey Everyone so basically this is going to be a little blog about how my easter went hehe =)

so i got up at 6:30am and was at work for 7:30-3:30

i actually got alot of school work done today, i have a huge paper i have to do and i got done a little more then half of my rough draft!

then when i got home i was greated by my dog jake, and my sisters dog jack was over ...which i didnt know!!

then i fell asleep on my couch for a hour about 30 mins, woke up touched up my makeup and changed !

then everyone came over we ate lots and lots of food!

for starter we had a vegetable tray with carrots, cucumbers,tomato, peppers and much more!

a tray that had mini hot dogs, and a bunch of other stuff lol!

then was first meal we had pene with vodka sauce

then for dinner there was steak, mashed potatos, apple sauce, potato and onions, string beans and bread crumbs, salad, garlic bread.. and i can't remember anything else!

then i ran upstairs posted a quick video on youtube!

then i came down stairs and relaxed a little with everyone

for desert we had pinoli cookies and rainbow cookies my fav! fruit and a cake with chocalte and vanilla moose with chocalte covered strawberries!!

then we all just relaxed i hung out outside with my sister, played some music on my laptop... then went for a ride with her and my dad and dropped her back at her house!

so now im home, drinking tea and watching jerseylicious btw i love this show! haha

how was your easter??!!


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