CCO Cosmetic Company Outlet Haul

Hey Everyone!!!
So guess where I went, to my first ever CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet!!!)
I was so excited, went a little crazy!

I went with my sister... and as soon as I walked in she knew that I was in heaven!
It was so nice, people shopping actually asked me for my opinions on products.. the girls at the counter where really nice!

So here's what I bought!

MAC Lashes #3
Price: $9.25

MAC Summer Rose Beauty Powder
Price: $15.59

MAC Brushes Metal- X Gold Spice Cream Shadow
Price: $11.75

MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder
Price: $19.00

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in X-Rocks
Price: $12.25

MAC Richmetal Highlighter in Dark Influence
Price: $11.75

MAC Solar Bits Pearlized Pigment Clusters in Scatterays
Price: $13.75

MAC Beauty Powder Blush in On A Mission
Price: $12.75

MAC Eyeshadow in/night Manoeuvers
Price: $10.25

MAC Eye Shadow in Time & Space
Price: $10.25

MAC Liberty Of London Lipstick in Peachstock
Price: $10.25

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Close For Comfort
Price: $11.75

MAC Lip Glass in Gold Rebel
Price: $10.00

Here Are some Swatches!
Turns out all the colors are perfect for fall!

Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Price: $20.25

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
Price: $22.00

Juicy Haul

Ok So here is my first juicy haul
featured in my Outlet haul!
For prices & pictures keep reading on!

Black Juicy "Juicy Glitter & Couture" Hoodie
Original Price: $138.00
Store Price: $99.00
Price Marked Down: $75.00

Black "Juicy Glitter" Pants
Original Price: $ 118.00
Store price: $104.99
Price Marked Down: $84.99

Green (Pine) "Couture Royalty Wear Juicy" Hoodie
Original Price: $118.00
Price Marked Down: $79.99

Green (Pine) "Couture Royalty Wear Juicy" Pants
Original Price: $98.00
Price Marked Down: $69.99

Grey (Graphite) "Couture Royalty Wear Juicy" Hoodie
Original Price: $118.00
Price Marked Down: $79.99

Grey (Graphite) "Couture Royalty Wear Juicy" Pants
Original Price: $98.00
Price Marked Down: $69.99

Second Channel!

Hey Everyone!
Quick blog post!
I just wanted to let all my followers know, in case you aren't intrested in makeup & beauty related videos, that I created a second channel for complete randomness! Its a vlog channel and I already have a video up! I plan on doing a video once a week hopefully, so if you have any suggestions for video ideas and such you can comment below or on the channel! If you do decide to subscribe let me know! :)

on a side note- I also plan on stepping up and trying to keep my word on doing atleast to blogs per week if not videos on my main channel!


TTYS :) <3>

Lets Talk About UGGS baby!

Ok, so I have a sort of a big haul, UGGS!
..You may love them, and you may hate them!

But for me they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned!

I bought a pair of tall black

Short grey

and lastly, short chestnut!

(If you are intrested in seeing my whole ugg collection, or the older ones I own message me!)

So now where can you get them?
I bought my at
Usually its cheaper there, you can also order from (BOTH SITES ARE REAL)

If you have any uggs, let me know below! I'm always intrested !