Twitter Fanatic!

Hey Everyone! wohoo 4 followers!! so anyway i already wrote a super duper huge blog today but i just wanted to say that im just totally addicted to twitter!

i used to go on it maybe like 2 times a week now im always on in as soon as i sign on im tweeting away i think its like a disease or something lol im twittering all the time!

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Huge Update!

So i have so much to update everyone on... so ill just start now!

i want to try and buy a new camera, more like a video camera so i can have better quality in videos because when i film i use my macbook and everytime i open up my imovie my fan kicks on and it shows up very loud in my videos, so i want to try to find a camera that is hd and focus so if i show up product i want to be able to see the words on it.. but i dont really want to spend alot of money like $150 the most... i heard of a couple of regular camera but i have a regular cameras so i dont really need 2 of them lol! so if you know any that fit the description please let me know!

i have a huge haul from sephora and mac.. mostly sephora but i dont know if i should upload it because i feel like i have been uploading alot of haul videos, so im not sure lol!

i have some pretty good footage from when there was a big blizzard and i never uploaded it, the weather was crazy in march 1 week it snowed like crazzy the next week it was raining and 700 trees fell, then it was like 70 degrees! so yeah i might just upload it and title it .. "snow something " if you have any ideas comment below!

i wanted to buy a loui v bag and i saved up alot of money for it i almost had enough to buy it but then i went to sephora.. and from then on its history lol so i was wondering if i should start saving up for it again.. or do something else with saved money any ideas?

im going crazzy, i wanted the blush ombres but online there always sold out.. and in the store there sold out.. i feel like i will never be able to get my hands on them.. and i feel like soon there going to get discontinued or whatever the word is lol!

does anyone know if there is a cco in ny i would totally love to go because i am dying to get my hands on some discounts! i really want to buy some of the mac pass collections such as style warriors, the space neon one lol.. and ofcourse the hello kitty collection!

7.My Blog
i always wanted to blog and now i finally have one i am def. going to try to upload more posts! so please keep checking back and follow my blog because i only have one follower =/

8. My Contest
i have decided that i will end my contest on either april 14th or the 15th i was going to end it on the 13th because would have been my 3 month aniversary but thats my sisters birthday soo sorry lol!

i am def. forgetting alot of things so look for a part 2 update lol!

its dinner time now! so i'm going to eat my mom dad sisters brother and my sister boyfriend are here as long with jake and my sisters dog jack so happy munching!


Horrible Storm

So saturday march 13, i had work bright and early! I woke up at 6am and had to be at work at 7:30am. I came home at 3:30, by the time i got home it was 4:00. So i came home, changed started eating lunch and was sitting on my couch in my living room on my laptop.

So all throughout the day we had very horrible weather, winds around 20-30 mph, rain.. rain & rain!

While i was sitting on my couch resting.. we had a "mini" blackout that lasted about a minute.. and we had 2 more.. a couple of seconds later.. everytime we had a blackout you would here a loud boom .. which would be transformers blowing up!

So about 15 minutes later i hear a loud noise, and the floor shake.. a tree fell down .. not just a tiny tree .. a HUGE tree, and it broke a car.. it was about 10 feet away from my house!

we had about 5 more mini blackouts.. the tree was laying along one of the powerlines.. and by 10pm we lost all the power..

i've been sleeping on my couch because me room is being re-done,

so i ended up going to sleep at 11:30, the wind blowing about 70mph that night! over 700 trees in ny and 400 in s.i. or long island i cant really remember.. anywho back to my story

the wind actually blew the rain in a certain way.. that my living room ceiling started my dad started to cut it open.

so i was sleeping.. at 1am my oldest sister texted me and it woke me up.. she texted me back cause i called her.. btw i hate when people do that!

so then at 2am my ceiling started leaking .. my dog was laying right were it was leaking so his collar would jingle everytime he felt a drop of water, so i had to get a bucket and i heard water dripping all night..

oh tottally forgot.. at 10:30, a half hour after it fell the fire trucks were on my block but had to leave to take care of other things.. then at 12am the cops came by to see .. but they left and closed off my block..

at 12am a truck came with some workers and they were chainsawing the branches down all night.. i heard the guys yelling back and forth to eachother.. along with the rain drops dripping!

then around 4am our verizon fios service came back on .. and our internet box kept beeping!! i couldnt turn it off i ripped out wires covers.. and finally realized there was a button to silence it..

then at 5:00 the power came back on .. so my fire place fan came on, a little light came on by my tv, my dinning room cieling fan came on full blast, the kitchen lights came on and the basement lights turned on .. so i ran around turning everything off.. except the little light

.. i then got up to shut it off because we usually leave it on .. but it felt so nice to rest with everything off so i shut it off.. went back to sleep and then 45mins later i had to get up and had to start getting ready for work! ... a 8hour work day!!

so thats just one big thing i wanted to talk to you about.. my first LONG blog,

alright now i'm going to bed

night bloggers!


Hey Everyone, So I Posted a video with a contest! It's Pretty simple just make sure you subscribe, and rate it 5 stars and all you have to do is comment enter me!

Heres The Link To it : Contest Video

I have alot to update everyone on so i think it would be easier to just do a blog about it!

A little update.. I'm almost at 400 subs! i need 9 more!! woohooo =)

night night bloggers,


Relax time

So i'm sitting on my couch watching SVU, and relaxing.. because I had a very long school day today. Lots & lots of homework and I have a test tommorow. Anyways I have a lot of stuff to update you on .. so i guess ill do just one who blog that everyone will be updated!! I really need to be on my A game, with my whole blog thing I have going on =)

I'm on my way to 400 subscribers i need 10 more! which is insane !!

I think i'm going to start a new "schedule" where i try to upload a blog every other day.. key word TRY!

alrighty, thats all for today



A Day In The City

Hey everybody, i went to the city recently, tried out some new products from sephora, which i am super excited about!!

Check the video out on my youtube channel- Click Here