RAVE: My Highland Honey

A Tartan Tale Presents...

A beautiful blush called...

This blush is so so pretty! I actually never owned a orange shade of blush thats why I knew I needed it! 

When I went to my MAC store, I went right to the blush and told them what I wanted..

I previously ordered a bunch of goodies from this collection but totally skipped over the blushes!

So when the Makeup Artist was ringing me up, she had told me it was the last one they had there!
Which made me so happy to know that its definitely a "BIG HIT" since now there all sold out!

If you do have a chance to stop by your local MAC store, or MAC counter .. I think you should totally go to at least check it out! When I went I didn't even swatch it .. I saw the color, the name and grabbed it! hahha 

Here's a quick picture of how it looks on! It gives you such a nice warmth, without looking any like a oompa lommpa ! or however you spell it hehhee :)

I really do love it, and if its definitely a new favorite!

Its perfect for this time of year, its reminds me of fall .. and looks cozzy, comfy & warmth!



  1. That blush looks so gorgeous on you. I'm thinking of getting this as well, but I would have to build on the colour for it to show. Oh well, I must buy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. your welcome! You could always put on a base... to help .. it will look so nice on a darker complexion!! :)