Eco Tools Travel Size Makeup Brush Kit Review


So about a month ago I decided to pick up this brush set, and I was very curios to try it out! I just filmed a tutorial today using the brushes, and I really like them. There very soft and well worth the money. I am so glad I picked them up, and encourage you to pick them up the next time you come across them!

Inside you will find a mirror and 5 neatly tucked in brushes. The brushes are labeled highlight, crease, smudge, blend and a shader brush. The quality of these brushes seem to be very durable for the price. They are not only dense but soft as well. The brushes are 100% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles. For $7.99 I say these brushes are well worth and and overall are the only brushes you will need in your makeup bag!

You can find this item in target, walmart, cvs or any drugstore!

I will upload the video with me using these brushes in a tutorial shortly, hopefully by the weekend so make sure you stay tuned to my beauty channel!


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