Target Haul

Target? Tarje? What do you say?
So I went to Target during the week.. on the look out for a certain organizer that I previously blogged about (link to post below) and I ended up going.. and I wasn't able to find it =(

Anywho, ofcourse I couldn't leave without buying a couple of things right? 

So I picked up a set of 6 huggable hangers, which was a good deal considering the price. I usually pay $5 for a set that comes with 5 hangers. This was a set of 6 for $5... so I could't go wrong! 
Besides I really needed a couple more hangers for my new juicy hoodies(Blog post link below)..

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  1. You can score the same hangers at Costco in bulk and save a ton. It comes with 50 for like 20$ or something

  2. really? sweet thanks for letting me know!!