So last weekend.. I went on a SKIcation!

Which is just pretty much a skiing vacation!!!

I promised I would post the rest of the pictures that were not included in my video so here you go!

The Guest book ... I wrote in!


 I was obsessed when my goggles changed .. on a "blue bird day"

 The View 

 The Cabin !

 The lamp was so cute.. everything had a country feel to it!

 master bath.. my mom took over it because of the jacuzzi!

 Burberry Rain Boots.. in the snow!

 Loved the snow covered trees ..  It was actually what I saw through my bedroom window.. so I went outside to take a picture with my "favorite" one :D

 We had this crazzy insane micro wave!

 I woke up to my brother naming the dears.. fuzzy and wuzzy!

 View From the Stairs!

 Fact: Doing this blog makes me miss this place!! :(

 His name was Jake.. after leaving Jake at home because there was "no pets allowed" so my sisters stayed with him!

 The Fireplace!

 The Cabin!

 It snowed like crazzy!

 The walk to go see my favorite tree!
There it is! In the middle! A Beautiful "CHRISTMAS TREE" Covered in snow!!

To see My video On my vacation check out my vlog channel below!

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