OPI Russian Navy

Hey OPI Lovers! I picked up a new nail polish last night when I went to target, and was inspired by the fall to pick up a dark color! I was looking around to see what they had (which wasn't much) I decided to go with the darkest color that they had. Most of the colors on the shelves were bright which was a total bummer.... I decided to go with OPI's Russian Navy.

Before I painted my nails I put on a coat of Sally Hanson's Beyond Perfect Protein Nail Stregthener... since I have very weak, flakey nails! (booooo)

The Nail Polish Was $8.00 which Is around the typical cost for a OPI nail polish. The prices range to where you buy them, to what collection to how big the bottle is!

The bottle in natural light almost looks black, with some slight purple glitter era-descent.

Taking a picture with a flash, gives it more of a dark navy blue color effect! Which I think reminds me alot of the ever-so-famous Metro Chic ... that has a what I like to call 2 Color effect. Where depending in the light it looks like 2 different nail colors. For me that makes me like the nail color that much more!

It makes me feel like I have a different type of color every time I look at it ... in a way it doesn't make me bored of having the same color!

The color pigmentation is amazing! All I used was one coat.. no top coat! Most of the times when I paint my nails I need at least 2 coats to help the color really show up... with OPI not always do you need 2 coats ... and with this color for sure you don't!

I will see by this weekend how long it lasts and will do another blog post telling you its life span (REVIEW)! hehe :)

hope you enjoy!


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